Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to make firefox tabs like chrome on linux OR how to make firefox tabs appear on title bar like windows version of firefox on Linux

Firefox users on Linux get frustrated when they see tabs on the title bar of the MS Windows version of Firefox.

Its possible to have almost the same look on Firefox running on linux using the following steps. Its simple. No add ons required.

1. Open Firefox --> View --> Uncheck menu bar
2. Open a new page and type about:config in the addressbar.

Click on "I will be careful. I promise"

Look for "browser.fullscreen.autohide" and change its value to "false"

3. Now press F11, to go into full screen. Voila!!

I have tested this on Firefox 9 + Gnome3.2 running on Fedora 16 (F16)

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